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make it rain on them hoes

September 9th, 2008

Yeah, I’m writing this blog while doing a rain dance. Got a bag full of hot links you better get an umbrella!

I make it rain porn on you hoes.

they be drilling them chicks like major payne when they make it rain they aint playing cock competition games

from the club vip to the coupe inside my gates up in the bedroom screaming the governors name

I order one bottle then I fuck a black booty model then I order more bottles now I got a white booty model

blogging outta control and we on like the television

the crack blog channel but we do not broadcast, we throw up links, you buy porn and download the entire forecast

dude, tube sites are lame. I make it rain on ya, they never make it rain like southern California that’s where they at rata tat tat pew pew pew surfer thought ya knew.

wheres your umbrella, get yo rain coat it might get messy like an episode of bang boat. Gotta have me my boats and hoes!

I’m a boss I’m the mayor I make it rain on these haters. Watch some porn, buy some porn from me so that I can buy some gators.

Brooke gets fucked and sucked and creampied too

August 31st, 2008

Pussy Licking, Creampies, and Big Boobs.

licking pussy crack

Watch this blonde slut get her pussy crack licked by this crazy ass white dude who ends up hitting it raw and skeet skeeting all up in this blonde bitch. The big tittied pornstar that gets fucked and creampied and licked in this video is the ever so hot Brooke Belle. She has natural blonde hair, a nice ass, and boobies that you could suck on for days! If you dont like this video then something is wrong with you and you should do something about that, like maybe signing up for a membership to some porn sites so that you can watch more videos! Buy it nowwwwwwwwww

are you pooping up my sleeve steve

August 26th, 2008

Today I asked my fellow blogger Baller Steve to plug a gallery for me.

He was like yo son I dont plug video galleries even if they are of the hot blonde Brooke Belle getting fucked and creampied.

I was like home skillet are you pooping up my sleeve? and I was like oh snap I just came up with a new way to say are you shitting me and we both agreed that warranted an exception to the no video rule on Prime Curves

Which is good because now all of you fine people know who baller steve is, and now you all also know that Brooke Belle is a dirty whore.

Just a keyboard on my wrist, no jewels

August 23rd, 2008

We be on the webz tonight posting all the porns tonight! This is the followup to blog hard so you know its going to be hard its gotta be hard but will it be as hard? aw sheeeeeeeeet!

I’m the Crack Blog porno poster if I do my job right I’ll have you buying porn with the money you’re about to go get by pawning wifes toaster.

I’m a hustler homie I got the products, porn movies for the customers homie.

She be smokin like a muffler homie.

Niggas phony so I only got a couple of homies.

If you a hustler I can fuck with ya homie, you spend a couple bucks on XXXBLACKBOOK she will stay in touch with ya homie.

I get money I get 20 a k, I got 20 blogs all doing 20 a day.

I get cake from ass, tits, and free porn. They hatin cuz I’m on the grind like I’m makin love, the pornstars got the club hot like Jamaican booty.

Cop porn, wait for a drought and then make it flood.

Try to take my cake you aint gunna get a plug, but you can take my information if you give me a plug cuz I’m a hustler I could sell porn to you and salt to a slug!

Surfer, Axe about me.

I dont fuck with porn tubes cuz my server bills coming too soon, my laptops turning two soon, sponsor checks come like once in a blue moon.

But I’m gettin my dough from pimping ho’s, I made more dough on big asses than big tits.

Just a keyboard on my wrist, no jewels. I aint gotta prove I’m rich, I’m no fool.

I deal porn and if you bastards doubt me I’m a hustler, axe about me.

Less money more problems is true cuz the less money I make the more free porn for you.

Cuz I blog hard.

August 11th, 2008

Start with the straight blogs and then plug trannies.

Flirt with the hood rats then pop models.

We poppin porn sites like we won a Cock Competition game.

Cuz I blog hard.

Start with the straight shots and then pop bottles, pour it on the models, shut up bitch swallow, if you cant swallow then shut up bitch gargle.

As I recline behind my desk I aint got a lotta ass traffic but I want a lotta checks.

Penny Flame went from fucking in the cell to creampie on the set

I’d rather pop a model b4 I pop a gat.

Start with the straight porn and then creampie trannies
Flirt with the hood rats and then pop models

Bahahaha this is a crack blog production! Tuck in yo chains and hide your wives because we getting buck up in here this aint no fuckin reggae party ya dig? So grab your glass and get your seat because its time for me to tell you the tale of BIG DICK PETE! Nah, fuck that I dont know nobody named Pete. Anyway so you like porn huh? Thats cool why dont you like go check out some of the awesome porn I linked to above instead of reading this. I mean what do you really think you are going to find out by reading a blog post on a blog called crack blog that has a whole bunch of porn pictures all over it. This aint education! This is not productive. If its porn your after then go fucking buy some porn via one of the banners so you can just download the whole videos without having to fuck around and waste time reading shit like this and fucking with shady video sites.

Way to waste time on the internet there buddy.

Emma Cummings dripping wet anal creampie

August 11th, 2008

Exotic pornstar Emma Cummings gets fucked in her asshole and then an anal creampie! Skeet skeet in that ass, ho.

emma cummings naked in the pool

Emma in the pool with her tits looking ripe and wet in the sun.

emma cummings anal creampie

Emma getting her ass filled with cum.

This sexy sluts name is Emma and she has a somewhat exotic look. In the picture of her naked in the pool I think she kinda looks like Sunny Leone but who am I to judge I’m just a porn webmaster after all. Anyway in this video she gets her booty taxxed hard for Big Butt Cream brought to you by Cream Pimps they have a shitload of exclusive hardcore no condom creampie sex videos with all your favorite pornstars. If you sign up now they are running a special where you can get a free trial membership to check it out!

Cosmo Lesbians play with crack

August 5th, 2008

Three lesbians and an ass crack.
cosmo lesbians

These lesbian bitches know whats up, they start off stripping, kiss and touch for awile and then they start playing with the butt cracks. Seriously if you like to see girls putting fingers, dildos, etc up other girls asses then you might like these Cosmo girls. I dont know why they call them Cosmo girls because they look like regular lesbians to me but Nick Sunshine calls them Cosmo Girls so maybe hes just crazy or maybe they are from another planet. Who knows man. Anyway peep this shit or move on, naa mean?

European Sex Party

August 3rd, 2008


Me and my homie J, were chillen out in Forest Heights, when we met these two crazy European bitches. They were all talking they’re hear from Europe for school, and wanted some Americans to show them around. So we showed these bitches our crib, kicked some game, then dogged em the fuck out. Had both of these bitches suckin my dick while my man smashed the one. Then they both got nutted on, and sent to Eastover to catch the P12.

Australian Teen Ass Crack

July 14th, 2008

Check out this slutty Australian brunette!

australian ass

This Australian teen sucks and fucks like a pro! Amateur Allure always finds those slutty girl next door types and gets them on camera doing all types of wild shit! I cannot believe how great this chick looks while shes getting reamed up her tight teen Australian ASS!

Fuck Plastic Carrot Dildos

May 30th, 2008

So I hit up my homie Nick Sunshine to see what the fuck was up and to complain that my stash was almost dry… and do you know what that motherfucker said?

NickSunshine: what the fuck with this bitch’s hair

carrot dildo

So i’m like… her hair? her hair might be stupid but it is clearly not the most fucked up thing in these pictures… Do you know what is? You see whats in her hand? or in her vagina I should say. Yeah, its a fucking PLASTIC carrot. What company makes fucking plastic carrots? and is this company in the sex toy industry? Do they make these plastic carrots purely for the purpose of these girls to stick them in their pussy? I just thought this was weird, crazy, amazing? I wonder if they make smaller versions? carrot anal dildos?

So, then Nick is all like oh yeah, bro dude man check it out I have a corn dildo.

corn dildo

I’m like… So your telling me that plastic vegetable dildos are popular sextoys? What the FUCK? Dude, whoa.

Then nick says he has posted 2 other galleries this week featuring carrots… Here they are.

cute carrot

Some cute foreign chick with a big carrot in her cunt.

hanna carrot pussy

Hanna’s Honeypot playing with a stupid plastic carrot dildo thingy.

I think these galleries are stupid and if you actually like plastic carrot dildo porn FUCK YOU! Dont ever come back to my site you fucking weirdo, buy yourself some quality porn instead!

NickSunshine: yea well real carrots have nowhere to put batteries!